How can one live in any MetroCity, with Monthly Salary of less than ₹20,000?

less monthy Salary

Financial Planning With Low Salary

20, 000 is Good I think, but it depends whether you are a bachelor or a married person. I am answering you by understanding that you are a Bachelor, at the time.

And planning more correctly Financial Planning is the First and the Most Important Thing in Bachelor life. It is important to in everyone’s life. But in Bachelor life it’s not important but Need.

And Clearly for this you need not to go to any special College of financial Planning or Financial Advisor or learn its definition. You just have to audit your Finance, your Money.

Depending on which area of ​​City you live in, you can live in a PG, you will be able to stay between 5-6 thousand and eat with food.

The Bus Pass for one month will be around Rs.1000, if you want to take it around the PG office then it will take less money.

Keep a monthly phone and internet bill of 700, for 1000 other items like essential oils, soaps, surf powders, etc.

If you are a Movie Person then you can see a movie in the WeekEnds, keep 500 for it.

There is also a place to roam well in Every MetroCity, then it can be parked and can also eat food, keep aside 1000 rupees for this.

Overall, you spent 10, 200 still you have 9,800 you can save it.

This is the Very Basic Audit Process of Personal Financial Planning.

So now there is Various Financial Planning [Investment to make more money] You Can Do Now With This Money.

Let Say’s in any Baddest Situation You Spend 4000. Then Also There is 5800 Left.

And 5000 is not a small amount for you if you are on 20000/month Job. So Now You can Use this.

But more on this, I want to Remember One Thing Said by One of the Financial Expert

“No Person on this Earth Become’s Rich by Saving Money Or Keeping it in Bank.”

So Invest this Money in Stock, Mutual Fund,

Take Risk Now, in your 20’s and Safe your 80’s, But no one live till eighty’s right? So Safe your 50-60’s.

Money Makes Money and That why Expert Advice you to Invest, Take Risk,

“Happy Investing”

After this What?

Don’t Stop at this, Most Important Thing Daily Give time to Self, it is not the right Job or Place you belong to somewhere better than this. Try to Stay Fit, Give 1 hour or more to Learning New Skill.

Read Books which help you to become Rich, Every Rich Man in the World Reads a lot. So this definitely helps you.

And if You follow all this, Keep this going and Soon, after one year or two or five or decade. You will not be anymore earning 20,000. You will be earning at least very minimum value, thinking of the Lowest, income is 800000 annually.

This is Called as Long Term Financial Planning, think of the Long term always help in Money Making like in Stock, Mutual Fund.

What Do You Think, I am Wrong? Comment Down, what’s in your mind!!

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