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  1. devendra shah says:

    Right TO Earn Money YOu need Good NUmber of Member in your Group then, you can Earn by

    Thanks for the Article I want to summaried this for the Reader

    Sell Ads. Selling things, Product to the audience
    Charge a subscription fee.
    Make Private Group and Sell them the Content, an Exclusive Content, the Information that worth, Selling Knowledge is the Easy, most demanding and at the same time Expensive thing to sell

    3. Sell your products and services.

    Selling any service like, Live Video, Webinar to the targeted Audience can be done by using any Telegram Channel focus to that Specific Niche.

    4. Sell 3-rd party products and services.

    Selling the third party means selling Affiliates and other Product that give you commission, to sell to Promote them.

    5. Raise funds.

    Money can also raise using the Telegram Group and this experiment is done by one Russian and he raise 1.5 million in very short time.

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