Make Money Creating Telegram Bot

Make money using Telegram bot

Telegram gives you ability to make Telegram bot using Telegram bot API, and the main purpose of what is to collect information increase customer build audience and make money advertising and branding your product

And all this is done by automating process as it is a bot no messaging to individual who subscribe to bot is needed you just once quote about and it help you to earn lot of money as customer grow as what can constantly message to lot of people and help lot of people getting the information or or service they wanted.

Step to follow if you want to make money using Telegram bot

Create Telegram bot

Learn to code Telegram bot

Choose the service you want to provide using Telegram bot.

Market your Telegram bot

Build audience around at bot, make people follow subscribe to your bot.

Use your bot for advertising once you have follower you can advertise anything.

Number of ways to make money using Telegram

Through advertising

once you code a bot and provide good services a lot of users subscribe to your bot, and once you to build audience for your bot lot of advertisers reach to you for advertising their product or services to your audience all the related companies that are related to the service you are provided to your audience to your blog bot that related service they offer you to advertise and they pay you for this advertising.

Money for advertising is depend on the leads you provide to that advertising company and second number of audience to whom the the advertising reach.

Through affiliates

Making money through affiliate marketing is also an option lot of companies now a days give commission for selling their product for showing their product to audiences and if the people buy from that link you get paid the same thing you can do using your Telegram bot you can market the product that are related to your Telegram bot why sharing link and if the peoples or your subscriber click on that link and buy the product you get paid there are a lot of affiliates available you can check that it according to your service that you are decided to provide through your bot.

Through leads

In today’s world everyone I want to generate leads and everyone is busy in generating leads for their business collecting emails collecting phone numbers collecting lot of data is going on in their day to day jobs as this helped company to market product to analyse their product to sale their product so this is also one thing from which you can earn money from your Telegram bot you can also make your subscriber give their email id phone number to you to help them and in this way you can collect lot of data of the people that are are are interested in particular niche, particular service so selling that leads to that particular company to the service you provide.

Through Paid consultancy

if you are a big personality psychologist for any consultant then you can use this bots to talk to your patients automate the first 20 30 steps that you ask to your every picture and write their name their age their problem from when that problem start all these questions that are necessary for any consultancy you can ask them through your bot and after that 8u to build a database and you contact them personally after this after analysing all this and this helped both of you you you are patient and you you are any consultant and a person who I want consultancy gate benefited from the service as the time of both of candidate saved and you can get lot of consultant as you are automatic this task so from this you can also earn money using Telegram bot for consultancy purpose.

Through paid service

if you are good at coding you can provide out of box service that no one is providing and for that you can charge to your subscriber you there getting value they are ready to pay you and this is also one of the way to make money using Telegram bot but keep in mind that your service that you are providing must be unique and out of box to which the subscriber willing to pay dollars.

Keep the service cheap and try to market your bot service more in this way you can make money from subscribers you gain because collecting one dollar from thousand people is easy, anyone can give you one dollar but if you make your service expensive only one or two people subscribe and give you money and it is not easy to take thousand rupees from one person.

Influencer model

This type of marketing is is going on everywhere from Instagram to Facebook ok everyone is using this social influencing model to influence people and make them buy or aware about some product to make the sale and this type of marketing found very attractive and successful in today’s world cause people want to buy what told by celebrities and influencers so you can also use this model to tell your subscriber about any specific product that they are ready to buy as your niche, your bot is about that same thing.

How much money you can make using Telegram bot?

Give money using Telegram bot is not that is easy but if you are able to provide good service and then choose is good you are definitely going to an lot of money but money is not depend on your bot quality depend on your audience how much reach you have and how much subscriber to your bot are there users are everything and all the analytics of your bot help you in making money through the bot money is totally depend on number of subscriber to your bot

For example:-

If you are what have 1000 subscriber and there active subscriber which means they are using your bot for regular purpose.

Everyone knows Telegram is getting bigger and bigger lot of people downloading Telegram app instead of WhatsApp because Telegram comes with lot of features and as it is open source anyone can develop it and make it better so show.

How to create Telegram bot?

getting bored is very simple you just need to go on Telegram search for father bot and there start that what what you see the step by step process that you need to follow to build your first bot firstly you just need to give the name to your bot you can give any name second you need to give ID to your bot which need to be specific no one with that I’d ever need to create a bot this is a specific URL as a username of your bot this help you to you recognise your bot as a bot when anyone search about it on Telegram it appears then you get a

Learn how to create and code Telegram bot?

as a mission about creating Telegram bot is very simple and anyone with Telegram install in your mobile can easily make Telegram bot but coding the telegram bot is not that easy you need to know at least one of the language from Python PHP in JavaScript Java cplusplus you need to know at least one of these languages to code your bot to that level from which you can actually earn money if you want to provide good service you need to code your bot really good, that give value to your user

Choose Niche for your Telegram bot?

choosing Niche for your Telegram bot is very important there are lot of topics on which you can create your Telegram bot that help you who to earn money there are already lot of but available that provide lot of services I am going to mention that services so you can get an idea what type of what people are interested in create accordingly and you also so come in the competition.

How to market your Telegram bot?

once you create a telegram bot you first need to to invest your money in marketing that board for marketing purpose you just need to give ads about your bot in different Telegram channels once you start generating Leeds once people start coming to your bot and start subscribing to your bot you are ready to go you are ready to earn money as you will subscriber and subscriber is the the only necessary thing that you needed for making money through your bot.

How to use your Telegram bot for advertising purpose?

can I do anything using your Telegram bot but advertising related to your service that you are going to provide for your bot increase your chance of success in that advertising campaign pause your showing right advertisement to write people and if they are interested or ready in that service they are going to click on that advertise they get benefited from that ad and so do you.

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